I had a talk with myself tonight. Maybe you have them from time to time as well. Not the out-loud kind of talk, but the inner pep-talk variety. You see, I tend to measure the fullness of life not through material possessions, but through experiences.

I found something quite interesting this morning while browsing writing resources and sipping my coffee. At least two of the pages I came across suggested meditation as an inspiration for writing. 

Now, I've meditated before. It's not something I can seem to remember to do each day, but I do meditate on a fairly regular basis. My brain tends to have a thousand different things going on all the time, so occasionally it helps to just sit back and have a little bit of freedom. 

I have never tried it with the intention of getting creative inspiration back, though. What about you guys? Have any of you tried it--and more importantly, did it work?
I can pull my creative ideas from nearly any source, but the really spectacular ones are nearly always the result of one of two things: