This was written back in December, but I realized I never posted it on my other blog. It was an experiment in daily creative-writing. I was undecided of whether or not I liked it enough to share with the public. I've finally made up my mind, so here it is behind the cut... 
Creativity suffers day by day as you ignore him. He hovers just outside your bedroom door, hesitating, afraid to knock. You invited him into your home years ago when the thrill of art and writing and music was overwhelming. You begged him to come assist you and be your constant companion, and with his help masterpieces appeared under your young hands.

Then, one day when you were keeping a less-than-vigilant watch, Apathy crept through the front door… closely followed by Technology.  Apathy lied to you with her honeyed tongue, murmuring that you would never be good enough to actually make it anywhere. She encouraged you to just give up because you would never make it big. “Just stop caring about Creativity, because you don’t have the artistic talent to actually survive in this world using it.”

You listened, to Creativity’s dismay. You packed up your paints and your journals and keyboard. You stuffed them into your closet and ignored them, then allowed Technology to lure you in. Technology offered you many distractions that you hadn’t previously bothered to use. Hours became dedicated to video games and movies and tv shows. Technology smiled to himself, pleased with his success.

Through it all, Creativity has waited. He’s suffering, watching your talent go to waste, but he’s not turning his back on you. Invite him back to join you. Rediscover your potential.


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