Someone dear to me died a few days ago. He was fairly old, but his passing was sudden. no one expected it, and no one was ready—his family least of all, I’m sure. The loss cut my heart deeply, especially since I had not seen him in a while. I had intended to arrange to meet up the next time I was in Virginia… but now that opportunity has been lost.

But you know what is remarkable? Reading online about all the lives he changed while he was here. The man was a teacher at my middle / high school, and later became the assistant principal before retiring a few years ago. He touched so many lives. Truly.

Alumni from my high school have been sharing so many beautiful memories. He influenced everyone he met…not just as a teacher or member of the school administration, but as a mentor in personal matters as well as academic… and as a friend to so many.

He’s gone now, but I wish he could come back for a moment to see how many lives he changed and how many young people have grown into better adults because of him.

We all need to strive to leave that sort of beautiful mark upon the world. We need to act as guides to help those along the way who will be running the world when we’re gone.

This one’s for you, Robert Soper. Every encounter I had with you was inspirational—you were so full of wisdom and love, and easily one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Tell Mrs. Dell hi for me… I’ll see you both again some day. 


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