I’ve recently been contemplating the idea of becoming penpals again. It is something I did quite frequently as an adolescent, but as life got busier it was one of the things I had to shove to the side. I decided to begin by writing letters back and forth with one of my young cousins, but at the same time I decided to start contacting friends from back home or around the world.

Living on the other side of the United States from most of my close friends has been harder on me than I care to admit. I’ve always been someone whom people could approach with their problems and ask for advice. I pride myself on that availability and loyalty. The distance makes it difficult to always be around when people need me. Electronic communication has its limits, and I seem to run into them at every turn.

One of my greatest fears, whether I admit it openly or not, is that I will be forgotten by my close friends from back home… that we will gradually grow apart until we are no longer a part of each others lives.

Talking over text or facebook can suffice when it needs to, but it makes me feel as though something is lacking. Daily details fall through the cracks, or worse, sometimes you can get so caught up in the tiny details that you don’t find out the big picture of what’s happening. 

I’m looking forward to sending monthly messages back and forth with a few people, starting now. I’ve always loved to receive mail anyway, and this seems like as good an excuse as any to receive something other than bills.  

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