Everyone dreams…

whether you remember the dreams or not, your mind probably creates hundreds of bizarre scenarios overnight. They could be comprised of any number of components, such as school or work or even places that you don’t think you’ve ever seen before.

For many people, at some point in their lives they experience what is called a “recurring dream”—one that you have night after night. It doesn’t have to be lots of nights in a row, either, you could have them a few times each month and it would still count. It’s commonly agreed that such dreams have an important message, and that they won’t cease until you figure it out. 
I personally had a recurring dream during middle school. I could count on it happening about 2-3 times a month…and it carried on for nearly half a year, before I started piecing it together. In my situation, I found out exactly what was triggering it (I would have the dreams the nights after receiving emails from an ex-friend who was sending cruel communication my way). Apparently my brain created a parallel to react to being antagonized electronically in this world, by making a very physical version in the dream realm. After realizing the connection, I chose to find healthy outlets for the frustration caused by this ex-friend—mostly writing—and the dreams quickly tapered off, then ceased completely.  

Thinking about “recurring dreams” and the like though, made me curious… how many people have the same dream a couple of times during their life? Not often enough to be considered “recurring,” but just every few years or so… I know I occasionally wake up with clear knowledge that I’ve had the exact same dream before, but I can be certain that it wasn’t any time even remotely recent… 

Am I alone in this?

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