This website has been a bit of a secret work-in progress. Since the beginning of the year, I have received a lot of unexpected outside interest in my writing.  Even though this is still only a personal blog, and I am far from the well-known travel writer I would one day love to be, I decided to redesign my webspace.
In this case it meant taking the leap from blogspot to an entire web page. I knew that would be a work in progress (which it has been), so I first redesigned my layout over at

Since I most likely can't (and probably will not wish to) import all of my old posts over to this server, there is a chance that I will re-post some of them here. Any reposts will have a link back to the other page so to make it apparent that it is not new material.  

Also, a link will be placed at the top of my old blog to direct traffic here. Whether you're here as a new  reader or because you've decided to make the leap with me, welcome!

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