If I could choose to have a "super power," it would be to read minds... not so that I could find out what people were thinking about me at any given moment. I'm sure that's what most people would be interested in using it to learn, but I think I would end up more disappointed than pleased with the results. 
My reasoning and usage would be different. I would love to know people's thoughts simply to analyze which things people think about most often each day. 

What do you guys think about while you're at work or school or carrying out daily activities--other than the job at hand? Do you come up with fantastic detailed daydreams? Do you run through lots of alternate plans for your future? Do you think about something else entirely? 

Or maybe you don't really think about anything other than what you're doing at that exact moment... I'm so curious! I realized I don't know what's normal for this.

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