Are there any words that you can not stand? Words that hurt to hear, that make you uncomfortable or cause pain, even if you can't pinpoint a reason why?

I'm sure most people do have words they dislike as well as ones they absolutely love. Most of the ones I hate are mispronunciations: "library" as "liberry" or "crayon" as "crown," for example. But there are a few that I just can't stand... like "moist." It just makes me uncomfortable. However, "moisture" is fine, which I can't explain. 

On the other hand, I love plenty of words as well... "autumn," "verdant," "lithe," "galaxy," and "demure" are a few examples. They're words that are so beautiful you can feel it in your soul, words that explain themselves. 

So I would like to ask for suggestions. What are some of the best and worst words in the world... not just in the English languages, but in any language? 

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