Every year as Christmas draws near, it seems like I am constantly bombarded with messages about what is important. Anywhere I turn, someone seems to be spouting information about the "true meaning of Christmas," whatever that means to them.

I'm not here to do that.
I know that to some people, Christmas is all about buying gifts for people (or themselves, let's be honest here). For others, they'll look for any possible opportunity to tell everyone around them that "Jesus is the reason for the season," or that we "should help the less fortunate and show the Christmas spirit," or a myriad of other ideas. 

But you know what I found out the past two years? What you choose to focus on around Christmas doesn't matter. 

Don't get me wrong. I don't think you should just waste the entire month of December doing nothing and "boycotting" Christmas entirely. It's my favourite holiday. I'd have to be crazy to suggest ignoring it!

My point, though, is that Christmas is based on tradition--whatever that may mean for you. Last year I was with my guy, and it was wonderful, but it was my first year away from my family. So we had a great time, but it was different and felt off. Ultimately, in a lot of ways it didn't feel like Christmas.

Conversely, I was able to fly back to Virginia to spend Christmas (and New Years, but we're not there yet) with my family and friends this year. Christmas morning is a few hours away. I can confidently tell you that being here with them and following all the traditions I grew up with, made the difference. It feels like Christmas, and it feels perfect.

(Note: I'm not saying traditions can't change. They can, and in most cases they eventually have to. Not the point. The point is, they're what make the holiday as warm and wonderful as it is)

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