I think the key to fulfillment is simple. And yet, so many people are constantly dissatisfied with the lives they lead.
Usually the source of the problem, at least in their eyes, is seen to be external. If only they could get that new job they've applied for, then they'll be happy. If only the girl or boy they're pursuing will return the interest and finally say "yes." Whatever the case may be. But maybe getting everything you think you want still will not be good enough. What happens then?
I think the real solution is simple.

  • Do something that makes you happy every day
  • Challenge yourself to do something difficult every day
  • Do something you've been putting off each week
  • Experience something new at least once a month

In doing so, you're able to keep things interesting--to keep experiencing the wonder and mystery of life--even if the daily experience is filled with monotony. 

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