I can pull my creative ideas from nearly any source, but the really spectacular ones are nearly always the result of one of two things:
The first is my dreams. I have always had the best creative ideas first appear to me in the form of a dream. It's one of the reasons why I love vivid dreams so much, as well as why I never fear nightmares--no matter how horrific. The most vivid dreams are usually those which yield the most numerous ideas, whether in the form of stories or subjects for photographs or projects, whatever the case may be.

The section major source for my inspiration is nature. Being outdoors, away from the rush of civilization is a chance for me to recharge and sort through my thoughts. It's made even more  in the sense that I am surrounded by so much beauty.

From where does your inspiration come? Are you blessed with a seemingly endless flow of ideas,or are you restricted to receiving them only at certain times?

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